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PHC Learn To Skate (January 4th - January 25th)

PHC Learn To Skate (January 4th - January 25th)

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Dates are as follows;

PHC Learn To Skate (January 4th - January 25th) 8:30-9:00am

The PHC Learn to Skate Program provides children between the ages of 4-8 and 9-13 the opportunity to learn how to hockey skate in a fun and safe way. The program will consist of four (4) 30 minute long on-ice training sessions over the course of 1 month. Helmets and hockey skates required for this program.

*Gear is NOT included in this program.  Helmets are mandatory, hockey helmets are recommended but bicycle helmets are OK too.  We have rental skates for any families without skates*

What to bring:
Hockey skates
Helmet (hockey helmets are recommended but bike helmets are just fine)
Knee pads
Elbow pads
Snow pants/hockey pants
**If your son/daughter already has hockey equipment they are encouraged to wear it**

These practice sessions will consist of fun, constant movement skating/hockey time. This is the same curriculum, slightly altered to match certain groups skill level. 


*Drop-ins might be available for $25.00 if space permits, NO REFUNDS OR MAKE UP SESSIONS WILL BE ISSUED FOR MISSED CLASSES*