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About Us

The Pond Hockey Club will be a 10,000 square foot ice hockey training facility serving the hockey community in Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

The club is all about adult hockey enthusiasts, youth hockey players and their families. Our facility will have a “warm” spectator area, “cold” spectator area, fitness and weight room, dry land facility, coaching classroom, and club style showering facilities and lockers. Get ready for more ice hockey this Summer 2013!

Why is it called "THE POND"?

The game of hockey was originally played outdoors on frozen ponds during the winter, and is still played that way today by many hockey lovers up north. If you have ever played hockey on a pond you know the informal pickup games that happen out there can last for hours (or until you just get too cold) because it is more fun with less players in a smaller area and no coaches or referees, generally safer because there are no dasher boards or aggressive play, and basically free.

Over time hockey migrated to more controlled environments like homemade backyard rinks and commercial indoor rinks. Eventually highly competitive squirt and peewee leagues formed. Eventually hockey got real damn serious at too young an age. USA Hockey's American Development Model has a lot to say about this issue.

The Pond was created to recapture some of the magic of those winter days out on the frozen lake. We offer a 2/3 regulation size rink and tons of unsupervised pickup-game ice time. Unfortunately you can't play hockey outdoors in Texas or play it for free, but The Pond does offer opportunities for the most authentic, fun, low-pressure but action-packed hockey experience you're going to find in the area.

If you've never played hockey at The Pond before, find out how to get started!